You Need A Drink – NOW!

When is the last time you had a drink?

I don’t mean alcohol. When was your last glass of WATER? When was the last time your loved one had some water?

You know that you and our loved one need to stay hydrated. (It’s in all the news.) I know it may be difficult to convince your loved one to drink. But it is critical to their health. It can easily lead to health problems that will put  your loved one in the hospital.

On this podcast, we will talk about how to persuade your loved one to drink water and stay hydrated. There are simple ways that will keep you sane and your loved one calm.

Toula’s guest, Dr. Oscar Rodriguez, is a passionate physician, educator and innovator, who cared for his mother through two hip surgeries, knee replacement and heart attack. He is someone you will want to hear.

Need more help? Dr. Rodriguez co-founded  Care|Mind® an award-winning iOS (Apple iPhone) app that helps caregivers like you to monitor the activity, medications and vital information of their loved ones so that they can then share this with healthcare providers. Imagine how helpful this will be to optimize the care they receive.

As a caregiver, YOU play a critical role in keeping your loved one healthy. Dr. Rodriguez and Toula want to help you to be prepared and stay healthy.