2/27/16 | You Can Age Well At Home – Learn How

Are you looking forward to your next doctor’s visit?

If you are like me, the answer is, “NO WAY!”

It is so frustrating to get our loved ones ready, drive to the doctor’s office, sit and wait, only to see the doctor for a few minutes. We spend more time coming and going than actually getting medical attention.

Our friends at the Baptist Medical Center’s AgeWell Center for Senior Health agree. To help you, they have started “AgeWell at Home”, a new program just for you. This is the only program of its kind in northeast Florida.

YES – a medical professional will come to your home. Yes, the AgeWell professionals will provide primary medical care. And, yes, they accept traditional Medicare, all Medicare supplements and some select Medicare Advantage plans.

On Saturday, my guest, Olga Wells, an advanced registered nurse practitioner at Baptist Health, will tell us more about AgeWell at Home.

I will be pre-recording my show this week so that Olga can still visit her regular patients. Sorry, you won’t be able to call in this week with your questions. HOWEVER, you can also learn more by calling (904)202-4AGE (904.202-4243) or go to the Baptist Medical Center’s web site.

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