Flashing lights. Sirens. What runs through your mind?

What would you do if they stopped at your house? Knocked on your door?

Who called the cops? Why? Was it you?

Let’s get real. This can happen.

You face many challenges as a caregiver for your loved one. Sometimes that can escalate. At times, people react too quickly, and call the police. It could have been you, or your loved one, a family member, or a neighbor.

We know that the police are there to help. They want to be peacemakers. They also need to protect people from abuse, especially elder abuse.

What do you do?

On Saturday at 11AM my guest will help you to be prepared.

My special guest is Carol O’Dell, my friend, author and contributing editor for Caring.com.

Carol has just posted a helpful article onto Caring.com, “Caregiver Dilemma: What To Do If The Police Are Called”.

On the show, we will talk about what you should do – and what you should NOT do – in those difficult situations! Her main advice, be prepared, and stay calm.

The show is new. It has been pre-recorded earlier this week to accommodate Carol’s busy schedule.

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