What To Know Before You Consider Placing Your Loved One

It is a stressful decision. But you know that it will be the best decision for your loved one.

You know that someday you may have to think about bringing your loved one in a place that can provide more care. It may be a rehab facility, an assisted living facility (ALF), or a nursing home.

Your loved one comes first and most important.

I want to help you to prepare NOW for the crucial questions. WHEN? WHERE? HOW?

• When will be the right time?
• Where is the best place?
• How will you be able to afford it?

YOUR FIRST STEP – Listen to this podcast of Toula’s Tips for Caregivers. My two guests are EXPERTS at helping you find the best answers for you and your loved one. The advice they share on this podcast will give you the answers and directions you need.

Esther McMillan is the Daily Money Management Manager at Aging True Community Senior Services. She also is a National Certified Guardian. Aging True can help you to know when is the right time – or whether there are OTHER OPTIONS. (Visit their web site https://www.agingtrue.org/)

Michael Saffy is owner of Silver Link consulting. They help you find the care your love one deserves (Visit their web site https://www.silverlinkconsulting.com/).

Both have important suggestions on how to afford this care.

I know how wrenching the decision will be. When we had to place my Mom in a memory care facility, it broke my Dad’s heart. When we placed my Dad in an assisted living facility, it broke my heart.

I recognized how important that the advice and support from knowledgeable professionals would help me – and you – to make the best decisions for our loved ones.

They are my guests on this podcast so that you, will be better prepared when the time comes to make that decision.

When that time comes, I encourage you to seek out Aging True and Silver Link Consulting.

If you need more, I am always here for you.


Toula Wootan

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