What Comes First: Getting Old or Getting Depressed? | 6/25/16

Is your loved one feeling gloomy or sad?

Is it happening more often? Are you worried that it could lead to depression?

More and more, caregivers are reporting that their loved ones are falling into a state of depression. What can we do?

Talk to an expert!

My guest is Doctor Michael Solloway, a Geriatric Psychiatrist with Baptist Behavioral Health and AgeWell Center for Senior Health.

No. Depression is not normal in seniors, but it is more common than you would expect. There are signs that you, as the caregiver, should know. Dr. Solloway will explain. He even has some “Toula’s Tips” to offer to you and other caregivers.

The show will be new. But, to accommodate his busy schedule, it will be pre-recorded earlier in the week.

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