TURNING THE TABLES: Succeeding As A Working Caregiver

The tables have turned for you. Are you okay?

It used to be that work was the most important duty in your life. Your family and loved ones were there for love and support.

Now, you are caring for that most important loved one. But you still have to work.

I understand. The tables turned on me in 2012, when I became the main caregiver for my parents.

But I still had to work, providing outreach and support for caregivers in Northeast Florida. And I still had to do my live radio show, every week.

I admit. Sometimes the stress almost overcame me.

The tables turned in this podcast of Toula’s Tips for Caregivers, also. I am the “guest” of the day, being interviewed by Nicole Egan, Care Services Director for Aging True. She wanted to hear more of my caregiving stories with my parents, especially while still working. As we talked, I shared some important tips that helped my success as a working caregiver.

You are not alone. There are others going through what you are. There is help and support. Some of the valuable tips we talked about will help you:

  • Talk to your bosses. Let them know your situation. Ask how they could accommodate.
  • Know your company’s policies and programs. They are changing to keep valuable employees like you.
  • Talk with other working caregivers.
  • Find local agencies – like Aging True – whose mission is to provide care and support for you.

You already know. Caring for your loved one will be the most meaningful and rewarding work you will ever do. But you don’t have to do it alone.

You can learn more about Aging True’s services by visiting their web site (https://www.agingtrue.org/) or calling 904.807.1203. Their Customer Relations line for more detailed information, is 904.807.1225.

If you need more, I am here for you. And Aging True is here for you, also.


Toula Wootan

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