Time To Learn Your New Alphabet (ROFL) | 6/6/15

Do you remember how proud you felt?

Weren’t you proud as a little child, being able to say the full alphabet, in order? Did you have your biggest smile when you spelled a new word?

Now, as a caregiver, do you know the “caregiver alphabet”? Can you recognize all those new caregiver terms?

What is SNF? (No, it is not “Saturday Night Fever.”)

What is LTC? (No, it’s not “loving, tender care,” but you are close.)

Saturday, on “Toula’s Tips for Caregivers,” we will talk about all the acronyms and terms that you need to know as a caregiver. Listen and call in at 11AM on WBOB Radio 600AM and 100.3 FM. Or on wbobradio.com?.

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My special guest will be Landry Arnold, Sales and Marketing Director of Allegro Senior Living in Fleming Island. Landry will help. Being in sales and marketing, she has to know all the jargon. She will be able to help you.

BTW – You may even ROFL a little by the time we finish.

(Okay. BTW means “by the way.” ROFL means, “roll on the floor laughing.”)

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