Special Gift Ideas For Your Loved One | 12/10/16

I have a great suggestion for a Christmas present for you and your loved one.

A VACATION!!! Maybe a short one. A weekend? A day?

I can already hear your excuses. It wouldn’t be possible. You can never leave your loved one’s side. Your loved one won’t let you out of sight. It will be too complicated. No one else can do what you do. It will be too expensive. You are afraid your loved one won’t be treated right.

It is a scary thought, to leave someone in charge of your family. You feel guilty getting away.

But none of that is true. You deserve and need a break once in a while. Your loved one needs a break from you, too!

It’s called RESPITE CARE. Respite care is a short-term stay that helps the caregiver take time to decompress, and set aside the responsibilities of full-time care for a period of time- ranging usually from a week to a month.

My guests this Saturday on Toula’s Tips for Caregivers Show know all about respite care.

Janice RyallsJanice Ryalls is Executive Director of Elmcroft of Timberlin Parc. With her will be Lynn Ford, her Community Relations Director. Elmcroft Senior Living offers assisted living and memory care services; they are well-known for their smaller, home-like, family environment. Elmcroft is dedicated to providing compassion and kindness to their residents and employees.

Elmcroft has been on of the wonderful sponsors who help bring Toula’s Tips for Caregivers to you.

We have some other gift ideas to share with you, too – but we will keep them a secret until Saturday. You will have to listen in to learn more!

The show is new, but it will be recorded earlier in the week to accommodate Janice’s and Lynn’s busy schedules during the holidays.

at Home.

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