I need you to help me encourage my husband to go dancing with me more often!

I keep telling my husband that dancing is fun AND good for him.

My guests this past Saturday agree. They even have a full program just for that. Will and Linda Stoler run “Onto The Next Institute,” a non-profit organization in St. Augustine dedicated to helping seniors who want to stay mentally and physically healthy. Seniors who want to minimize the risks of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Will and Linda like to have fun. They like to dance and sing, play games and create new activities. They want you to have fun so that you will stay healthy.

The Onto The Next Institute hosts monthly dance parties in St. Augustine for you. Contact them for more information: call 802-777-4299.

Linda has also co-written a new book, “Transforming Your Aging Brain.” It is a manual to assist seniors over 50 in their quest to age while maintaining cognitive, social/emotional physical and spiritual health. The book uses proven tools through a simple, easy to use program allowing readers to discover a deep awareness of their innate passion, authentic creativity and joy of life.

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