Thank you so much for the resources that you recently provided to me and my family when my 55 year old uninsured family member had a stroke leaving him incapacitated. Your guidance in moving us rapidly through the medicaid process and helping us to seek rehab while he was medicaid pending was invaluable, as time is of the essence in this type of situation. We sincerely appreciate your continued support during this difficult time and while also caring for his 97 year old mother. My mom is looking forward to tuning in to your show for additional support and information. Your are such a true friend a giver of care to so many. Much Love and appreciation.  ~Lisa


Just found your blog……….in my search for some way to help my sister. One year ago her husband had a significant stroke. According to all experts, he would recover after disciplined therapy. Unfortunately, even though he is a physician, he fails to do the required work. He has been dismissed from his rehab center for failure to follow the exercise routines prescribed. My sister’s health is now starting to be affected. She lives away from family and other than my
occasional trip into San Antonio, she is alone. His friends, have tried to energize him, but he refuses to see them. There are no immediate relatives living in San Antonio. I took my sister to Leeza’s Place and I am still trying to encourage her to find the time to go to the caregiver group meetings. What else can I do.? ~Gloria


Toula, Once again, you have succeeded in gathering resources and speakers for the benefit of those of us who are caregivers. I thoroughly enjoyed the program today, and gleaned a lot of resource information that will come in very handy in the days ahead, which we all know, do not get easier with time. It’s great to know we are not alone in this journey,and knowing that you and so many other educators, respite-care resources, and in-home care are abundantly available, makes it all so comforting and encouraging. You are doing a wonderful work, and I know God will continue to bless and support you as you strive to make life easier for others. Thanks to you and all those who gave of themselves today. It’s a hard journey, but gratefully, we are not alone! Keep up the good work! ~Shirley


I have listened to your show and find it to be very informative. You are aware of so many community resources! This awareness coupled with the compassionate concern you show and the solid advice you offer make this a great resource for caregivers. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to next week’s show. ~J.C.


Thank you for having a show featuring a male caregiver. It is sometimes very difficult for us to admit that we are caregivers as society still views this as a woman’s role. Next time, please talk about the unique challenges male caregivers face caring for a mother, and the challenges telling your employer you need time off to take care of your parents.
Thanks again! ~ Bill


I truly enjoyed being on your show and sharing information about Assisted Living. You are a wonderful, compassionate woman and a great interviewer. You made me feel so at ease! What a great service you are providing. Thank you for your commitment on this radio show and for the time you are putting into bringing needed assistance and advice to those who are caring for their loved ones. My heart goes out to all who care for their loved ones at home. I know that if they connect with you, they will receive the help they need and hopefully they can get out and do something fun for themselves. God Bless You! ~Janice Ryalls


Hi Toula,
Thanks for launching your new radio show–caregivers need your friendly, you-can-do-it/you’re not alone advice. It’s so hard to always leave your care buddy, and your radio show goes right into their home.
Thanks for spreading the good news. ~Carol


So proud of you!! : ) ~ Miffy


Thank you all for your comments.




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