Protect Your Identity: Now and After Caregiving

Take care of yourself first.

That has always been my message to you. Take care of yourself so that you can take good care of your loved one.

But there is more. Some day you will no longer need to be a caregiver. Are you prepared for that reality?

On this podcast of Toula’s Tips for Caregivers, my guest Chris MacLellan (“The Bow Tie Guy”) and I talk about adjusting to life after caregiving. Chris lost his partner, Richard, in 2015. As you know, I lost both of my parents in the last two years. The transition is difficult.

Chris transferred his grief into a role as a spokesperson and advocate for other caregivers. He is using his podcast, “Healing Ties”, and his Whole Care Network (, which brings together other caregiver advocates, to share advice, resources and encouragement to you and all caregivers.

Listen as we talk about how all the tips we share with you for taking care of yourself will also help you after your role as a caregiver is over. Taking time for yourself, staying involved in activities you like, having caregiver buddies. These will help protect and prepare you.

By protecting your identity now, as a caregiver, you are also protecting your individual identity for that time.



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