8-27-16 | Never Pay A Medical Bill You Don’t Owe

How much was your last bill from the doctor or hospital? If it was like mine, the answer is, “Way Too Much.”

It seems like they charge us for everything, including our own kitchen sink.

Mary Daniel ClaimMedicDid you know that your bill may be wrong? Yes. Hospitals and doctors’ offices make mistakes. Often. But those bills are so detailed, and so complicated, it is impossible for us to tell.

That is when we need help.

Mary Daniel is a Medical Claims Specialist and owner of ClaimMedic. She actually can understand your medical bills. WHICH MEANS – she can explain them to you, quickly spot billing errors, and even help you to lower your bill or help to get your insurance company to pay their fair share of the bill.

On Saturday, Mary will give some tips to help you to understand your medical bills, and explain how you can reduce your medical costs. She will tell you about the most frequent medical billing errors so that you can spot them yourself.

Pull out your last bill. Get ready to compare them to what Mary says.



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