Ms. Senior Jacksonville Says Be Financially Safe, And Open To Adventure

Are you ready for a new adventure?

My special guest on this podcast, Brenda Griffin, Ms. Senior Jacksonville 2019, wants you to try something new.

She also wants you to be financially secure..

Brenda is an inspiration to us all. She is an ordained minister, Bible Teacher, Financial Wellness Advocate, Information Broker, and an Influencer. She is most proud of being a wife, mother and grandmother. She is also a caregiver for her father, helping him navigate the health insurance programs, protecting his finances, protecting him from scammers.

In the podcast, Brenda leaves us with several helpful suggestions from her years as a caregiver.

Brenda shares a secret: having been named Ms Senior Jacksonville has given her a unique advantage to promote her cause and influence others to achieve more.

YOU, too, CAN HAVE THAT OPPORTUNITY. Brenda encourages you to be a contestant in this year’s MS SENIOR JACKSONVILLE PAGEANT and the INAUGURAL MS. SENIOR DIVA PAGEANT (for women 50 to 59). Visit the website to learn more

One way to be a better caregiver, and to take care of yourself, is to have more experiences, so that you can inspire more people.



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