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Toula with guests from her September 1, 2012 show

I got married September 28, 2013.toula, fred

UPDATE: February 1, 2019

Below is my info that was published about two years ago. Of course, there have been changes since then. Sadly, my sweet dad died in November 2017, and my “spunky mom” died in August 2018. My world has changed,  I miss them both terribly. However, my caregiving role isn’t really over.I’m involved in the legal, financial and administrative things you have to do when a parent dies, and you’ve been put in charge. Also,. I continue to work in the caregiver space, conducting seminars and workshops for caregivers on behalf of “Toula’s Tips for Caregivers.” I also do some public speaking.  I retired from my full time job at Community Hospice in September 2018, so I now have more time to devote to caregivers.

If you would like me to conduct a caregiver seminar for you or speak at your organization, you can contact me at

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Since 1979, Toula Wootan has been working in the health care communities in Jacksonville,FL. Starting as a Medical Social Worker at Baptist Medical Center, Toula chose to expand her education by obtaining her Masters in Health Science from the University of North Florida. Her focus was to begin a career in marketing, specifically for companies and organizations that served our seniors and their families.

With care giving on her mind she began working for Community Hospice in 2000 in charge of outreach to the Jacksonville communities. Today Toula is in charge of such programs with an emphasis on caregivers, seniors and Veterans. It is in this role she created the Community Hospice Veteran’s Partnership, a very special organization comprised of Veterans and professionals. In the Community Hospice five county service area it is estimated to reach nearly 250,000 Veterans!

Not stopping there..Toula has recently created the Caregiver Coalition of Northeast Florida to reach out and serve caregivers who care for a loved one who is a senior. The coalition conducts and oversees around eight workshops each year as well as provides current caregiver advice and support through their monthly e-newsletter. The Caregiver Coalition also hosts an annual “Caregiver Expo,” a day of fun, massage, health care, exercise, food, pampering, and all around FUN DAY FOR THE CAREGIVER!!

With care giving close to her heart, Toula cares for both of her parents. Her father lives with her, and is responsible for her mother who lives in a dementia unit in a Skilled Nursing Facility. She is blessed to have them living close and deeply loves spending as much time with them as possible.

“They are both still involved in my life as loving parents and I treasure the opportunity to give back to them.” ~ Toula Wootan

To relax, Toula loves to dance,swim,read a worthy historical novel, and travel.

With such overwhelming response from her efforts in the care giving community her radio show has been born! Appropriately called “TOULA’S TIPS FOR CAREGIVERS” which airs each Saturday at 11am Est on WBOB 600 AM. Listeners are blessed with words of encouragement and tips for caring for their loved ones and also themselves.

“I feel it’s time someone started taking care of those who spend their days caring for their loved ones, often sacrificing their own plans, health, resources and dreams. I want to be a resource to turn to for advice, information on resources in the community as well as encouragement and support. THEY ARE HEROES IN MY BOOK.”

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