It’s Your Choice – We Will Honor It | 10/29/16

If you could not tell us what you wanted, is it okay for us to make the choice for you?

Do you trust your loved ones to make the right choices for you?

That may not be a problem if it is a choice of what to eat, or what to wear.

But what about those more serious issues – like being placed on a ventilator, or being revived if your heart stops?

You need to know what you want. Your loved ones need to know. Your doctor needs to know.

I agree, Alex, it is hard to talk to anyone about it.

My two guests on episode of Toula’s Tips for Caregivers Show on WBOB Radio AM600 and FM100.3 understand. They can help you to have that talk, and to make those decisions.

Jamie Buller is Director of Advance Care Planning with Community Hospice of NE Florida. Bonnie Bedenbaugh is Manager, Advance Care Planning at Community Hospice. They talk with many people about making informed choices and documenting them. They recommend “Honoring Choices Florida” – a nationally recognized program to help you and others to prepare your ‘advanced care directive”, and to talk with your loved ones.

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