I’m Here, Not There. Now What? | 9/24/16

Are you still a caregiver if your loved one doesn’t live with you?

Of course you are. Many of us are “long-distance caregivers.” Our loved ones are in other facilities, maybe other cities, or even other states. We still accept the responsibility of making sure that they are safe, healthy and secure.

The responsibility of caregiving does not decrease with mileage.

But the difficulty of being a caregiver does.

What happens if my loved one needs help? Is she receiving the care that I would give if I was there? Can I trust those who are watching and treating him every day? Am I missing any signs of self-neglect because I am not there?

These are serious issues. There are good responses. There is help.

My guest co-hosts will help you. Chris MacLellan, “the Bow Tie Guy,” and Troy Doughan, In-Home Program Director with Apex Home Health Care are warm, energetic and very positive about life.
Chris Macllelan

Chris is a caregiver advocate and radio talk show host living in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. He has published several books on caregiving. Troy Doughan has helped many caregivers through his important role with Apex.

Together, they will help to answer your questions about being a “long-distance caregiver.”

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