How to Stay Out Of The Hospital | 5/28/16

It is not much fun to be in a hospital. Do you agree?

It is not fun for your loved one. It is less fun for the caregiver, like you.

Some people are at high risk for hospitalization. Patients suffering with CHF or COPD, those prone to falls, and those with medication issues too often are visiting the hospital.

Did you know that there are things that you can do for your loved one?

My special guest will be Mark Devitt, Executive Director of Almost Family (Apex Home Health Care). He will talk to us about their unique High Risk for Hospitalization Program, which they have developed to keep your loved one from going back into the hospital.

Apex is a leader in home health nursing, rehabilitation and personal care services. I have used Apex to help care for my parents.

Mark will help you to understand how Apex can help you to be a better caregiver.

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