Holidays, Happiness and Caregiving

I know – some of us no longer look forward to the Season. We already deal each day with too many stresses of caregiving. The holidays just add “one more thing” to our already complicated lives.

For those of us who lost loved ones recently, the pain of not having them with us makes this time even more dreaded.

Remember, the Holidays are a time for us to rekindle joy, love and hope again. I want you to enjoy all the blessings of this wonderful Season. Together we will find hope and your smile again in the Holiday Spirit.

My special guest has his Holiday Recipe to help us re-discover happiness even with that caregiver stress and grief. (And, no! It does not require “adult beverages.”)

Doug Schilling, Manager of Advance Care Planning with Community Hospice of Northeast Florida, talks about his three secret ingredients to happiness: Choose, Communicate and Compromise.

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