Here For Those Who Were There For Us | 5-21-16

What does Memorial Day remind you of?

Of course – our veterans and their sacrifices to protect our freedom.

To all our Veterans – Thank You For Your Service.

And a special thanks to you, the “quiet heroes”- the family members who are caring for them.

We want to be here for you.

I want to make sure that you know about the support the Veterans Administration (VA) has for veterans and families who are caring for a veteran.

How is caring for a veteran different from caring from someone who isn’t a veteran? What services are available to support those caregivers?

My special guest is Felicia N Santos, LCSW and Supervisory Social Worker with the Orlando VA Medical Center. She will reveal the answers. You will be surprised at the wealth of services they have for you.

Felicia will also tell us about two important VA programs that can help caregivers.

Building Better Caregivers is an online program that provides information and support, including a six week workshop. The Peer Support Mentoring Program matches New Caregivers to more experienced Caregivers. These are both available to VA Caregivers of ALL eras.

This show will offer practical advice, information on important resources and inspirational stories.

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