Focus on Healing Outside and Inside | 6/4/16

Are you trying too hard to relax and feel better?

Or are you not trying at all?

Would you like to learn about easy, fun and proven ways to relieve stress, back pain and all that tension that caregiving brings (from the time you get up until after you go to bed)?

My guests on Saturday, Belinda Casper and Curt Coenen will help. They were one of the many popular exhibitors at our Caregiver Expo in May. So many caregivers mentioned them that I thought you would like to hear more.

Belinda is a yoga instructor trained in the “yoga as therapy” approach. Belinda and Curt also distribute “Young Living Essential Oils.” They will explain how simple things using yoga and aroma therapy can help you to relieve our stress and your back pain, relax and feel good again.

Did you know that there are twelve (12!!!!) “Healing Oils” referenced in the Bible that can benefit your health and wellness? Belinda and Curt do. I am looking forward to hearing about their Lavender Oils.

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