Resources To Find Hope During COVID-19 Isolation

You are not alone.

I know the stress can be overwhelming. You have more demands as a caregiver while doing your part to stop the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an uncertain time. We feel forced into isolation.

There is HOPE. I want to help you learn activities that will help you, and resources to support you.

In this podcast of TOULA’S TIPS FOR CAREGIVERS, I talk with two authorities on caregiving and dealing with stress. They also have the resources to help you.

Dr. Christine Caufield is CEO of LSF Health Systems and Executive Vice President, Lutheran Services Florida at Lutheran Services Florida. Terri Barton CEO Aging True, Jacksonville FL which provide seniors in Duval and Clay Counties, Florida, with the care and assistance they need to live independently.

Chris and Terri reminded us of several crucial resources for you:

• Aging True’s Telehealth Mental Health Counseling Program is available by calling 904.807.1243 (You Need To Talk To People)
• Lutheran Services Florida a “24/7 Access To Care” Line available at any time, by calling 877.229.9098.
• Aging True can conduct regular “Wellness Checks” to make sure you or your loved one are safe.
• Aging True is still delivering meals to seniors; for some, they are delivering three meals a day for seniors.
• Several organizations provide in-home respite (you can get help to take a break)

We also collectively identified actions that you can take to help you and your loved one:
• Find a “safe place” (as, your back yard) to retreat, enjoy nature and fresh air
• Exercise (go for a walk or jog; tune into YouTube or TV exercise videos)
• Read books has
• Journal every day; make notes of your day, of your feelings, and of your dreams
• Start a Gratitude Journal; every day list 3 blessings or joys
• Pray. Meditate.
• Focus on what you can control; adjust your daily routines
• If you feel sad, or overwhelmed, REACH OUT FOR HELP

You are stronger than you know. You are a caregivers (caregivers are strong). You are older (you needed strength to get this far). You ask for help when needed (a major sign of strength).

Remember what HOPE means: Hang On. Pain Ends. This will end.


Toula Wootan

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