Expert Guidance And Personal Support For Working Caregivers

You are not the only one dealing with this stress.

There are millions of working caregivers like you, struggling to be a good, productive, and valuable employee while still giving your loved one the care and attention necessary for a life of quality.

I understand. I worked for five years while taking care of my parents. Sometimes the stress was overwhelming.

I have one strong suggestion for you. My guest on this podcast of Toula’s Tips for Caregivers shares the same advice in our conversation.

TALK TO YOUR EMPLOYER. Let them know of your needs. Ask them about programs they have that can help you.

Larry Nisenson is the Chief Commercial Officer for Genworth Financial, one of the largest national Life Insurance companies. They also have a unique program for employers, called CareScout® Caregiver Support Services. (FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT

CareScout is an innovative program designed to provide expert guidance and personal support for working caregivers struggling to find the right help for their loved one.

When you listen to the podcast, make note of the advice and resources that Larry and I reveal.

There is NO COST to employees to use the CareScout® Caregiver Support Services. Your employer can purchase it from Genworth as a benefit to you and your fellow employees.

Your employer should understand: It SAVES the company money and productivity to help and keep a productive employee (like you).

You should not have to sacrifice your job to take care of your loved one. You should not have to neglect your loved one to keep your job.

CareScout and Genworth can help you. I will help you.



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