Don’t Go Broke In A Nursing Home | 4-23-16

What is bothering you today?

I understand. As caregivers, we focus so much on what is going on “right now” with our loved ones and, maybe ourselves. We don’t have time to worry about tomorrow.

But sometimes we have to think ahead – to plan ahead. I want to help you. My guest this Saturday wants to help.

One of the scariest questions for caregivers – and one we never prepare for – is, “what if my loved one has to go in a nursing home?” That not only is hard emotionally. It also can be financially devastating.

Are you prepared for that possibility?

My guest will be Kim Magdalein, owner of Magdalein & Associates Inc. Kim’s specialty is helping senior families to preserve their capital and increase their income. He will talk to us about the book, “Don’t Go Broke In A Nursing Home.”

Kim will tell us how to avoid the expense of a nursing home, how to avoid spending everything on nursing home expenses, and whether you could be eligible for federal or state assistance.

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