Caregiving Takes Teamwork! | 9/26/15

How does it feel to “go it alone” as a caregiver?

How often do you get frustrated because you have so much to do? Or, because you don’t know what to do? For those caring for someone with dementia, the stress and exasperation can escalate quickly.

You should realize that you MUST NOT try to do it all by yourself. At those times, ask for help. It is the right thing to do (for you and for your loved one). It takes teamwork.

That is why I do my radio show. I am here to help you.

There are many others – friends, family, and, yes, agencies – who know more than you about some of those issues.

This Saturday, on Toula’s Tips for Caregivers, I will have a studio-full of guests who can help you. They are a TEAM.

Our friends with APEX Home Health Care are a team of experts. APEX staff have a variety of specialties that you can rely on for any needs. (CLICK HERE to learn more about APEX.)

My guests on Saturday will be Cornelia Rappaport, an RN and Behavioral Health Nurse, Brenda Medders, a Medical Social Worker, and Occupational Therapist Johanna Smithers. They have helped many caregivers. These professionals are adept in working with people with dementia. OT

They will be waiting on your call.

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