Caregiving Men

In this repeat broadcast of my show of April 5, 2014, I talk with Marc Heyison, founder and president of “Men Against Breast Cancer (MABC),” the first and only national non-profit organization designed to educate and empower men to be effective caregivers when breast cancer strikes their family. (CLICK HERE to visit their web site.)

MABC is a recognized national leader in care for the caregiver. They offer unique and integrative programs to educate men on their important responsibilities as caregivers. They work in partnership with medical experts, leading medical facilities, state and local governments and corporate partners.

Marc has written or collaborated on several books on caregiving. His latest is especially for male caregivers.

“It’s Not Rocket Science: A Guy’s Blueprint to Caregiving,” helps to equip men with a strong foundation to be a more effective and supportive caregivers IN THE MOST IMPORTANT ROLE THEY WILL PLAY – being there for the women they love.

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