Caregiver – You’re In Trouble Now! | 4-9-16

“You’re In Trouble Now! Wait til I tell Mom (or Dad).”

Did you hear that much when you were growing up?

My sister and brother always threatened me with those words,

Today, as a caregiver, you can still get into trouble. But you don’t get warned any more.

Your loved one can get you into trouble. It could be some off-handed comment, or, some angry words during those difficult caregiving moments.

This week’s Toula’s Tips for Caregivers Show is an important follow-up to the show last week when we talked about what to do when someone calls the police.

On Saturday, Joni Aldrich, a caregiver advocate, regular guest here and a good friend, will talk to us about how our loved ones can get us into trouble, and what to do when (or before) it happens. She will share two recent anonymous cases–one with serious consequences—that demonstrate how dangerous it can be to be a caregiver and subject of these (sometimes offhanded) comments.

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