8-20-16 | Can You Afford To Be A Caregiver?

How much is being a caregiver worth to you?

Caring for your loved one has been invaluable to you. You wouldn’t trade it for the world. You have made a difference in your loved one’s life.

But what has it cost you, not only now, but to your long-term financial future?

It doesn’t matter what your situation is today. What matters is that you begin to prepare for your financial future, especially a future after your loved one is gone.

My guest this Saturday, on Toula’s Tips For Caregivers is an expert who specializes in helping women to regain their financial stability. Nowhere are the differences between men and women more clear than in the areas of money and finance

jenette2Jeannette Bajalia founded her company, Women’s Worth to bring a woman’s perspective to retirement and lifestyle protection planning. She counsels her clients on a range of issues, from lifetime income planning to the effects of money matters on the emotional and physical health of women.

Jeannette is the author of Wi$e Up Women! A Guide to Total Fiscal and Physical Well-Being, a FREE book available on her web site. She also is a weekly guest on The Financial Safari radio show on WOKV 104.5 FM.


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