I believe that grief is a journey that should not be walked alone. Do you agree?

All of us will endure grief more than once in our lives. Are you going through that heartache now? I am.

My special guest on this podcast is a friend who can help you. Rachel Weinstein is a grief counselor and an authority on the topic. She holds a Master Degree in Education with a specialty in Counseling and Counselor Education, from Indiana University. Rachel spent the early part of her career as a general psychotherapist, and later began specializing in the area of grief, loss, and life transition.

Everyone deals with loss in a different way. In this podcast, Rachel shares some of the most misunderstood aspects of grief, and how we can help someone who is suffering from a loss. Our conversation was helpful to me as I continue to grieve the recent loss of my Father.

Rachel continues her grief counseling practice at convenient hours on evenings and weekends. If you find yourself having difficulty coping with a loss, Rachel can be reached by calling: (409) 540 – 4950, or email

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