Because we love. Because we care.

Their caregiving story is touching and compelling.

Just like yours.

Their story is unique. Just like yours.

There were difficult discussions. And hard decisions. Just like you.

They showed – it is about love, respect, and honoring your loved one.
Their story may receive a Pulitzer Prize nomination for an Orlando Sun-Sentinel reporter.

As caregivers, we understand what it means to truly say, β€œIn sickness and in health.”

My special guest on Saturday, Chris MacLellan, will share his story with us.

In January 2014, Chris lost his partner, (Bernard) Richard Schiffer, to cancer. Chris cared for Richard during his extended illness.

As a caregiver and his loved one, they faced many of the issues, conflicts and tough choices that we face. As a gay couple, they dealt with their own unique obstacles.

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