Are You Prepared for Your “AFTER” Life? | 11/21/15

There is an “after” life for Caregivers!

We may not want to admit it. We certainly do not want to face it. But, we do need to prepare for it.

I am talking about YOUR life after your loved one passes on. You need to listen to Toula’s Tips for Caregivers, Saturday at 11AM on WBOB Radio 600 AM or 100.3FM (CLICK HERE to listen on-line) to learn more

My two special guests on Saturday are well aware of how difficult – and important – this topic is.

They are two of my favorite guests. They are warm, energetic and very positive about life. And they have had to deal with life after loved ones are gone.

Chris MacLellan, “the Bow Tie Guy,” is a caregiver advocate and radio talk show host living in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. He has published several books on caregiving. In January 2014, Chris lost his partner, (Bernard) Richard Schiffer, to cancer. Chris says, “Now I am creating a life to love after caregiving ends.”

Troy Doughan is another caregiver expert. He has helped many caregivers through is role as In-Home Program Director with Apex Home Health Care.

We will talk about caring at end of life, the transition, and what it takes to fill your life up again once you have lost your loved one. Chris will talk about how he has coped with losing Richard, all that he has embarked on this year. Troy will share his observations from helping other caregivers as they go through their own losses.

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