Aging True With Concern, Compassion And Care

You are not alone in your caregiving role.

I know. You hear me say that all the time. That is why I introduce new people who are here to help you.

In Northeast Florida, there is another MAJOR PLAYER for caregivers and seniors like you. Aging True is a non-profit, charitable organization that enables seniors to stay home and be independent.

In this podcast, I talk with Megan Taylor, Care Transitions Program Manager, about all the services that Aging True is providing to support seniors and caregivers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meals. Household items. Counseling. RESPITE. Home Health aides. RESPITE (yes – I said it twice. You need a break). Their Caregiver support program assists clients and/or caregivers in crisis.

Aging True has a legacy of providing concern, compassion and care for seniors and caregivers. Megan and the Care Transitions Program team have been at the forefront of helping seniors and caregivers during the pandemic.

You can learn more about Aging True and their programs by visiting their web site,, or by calling them at (904) 807-1203.

I am proud to connect you with Aging True. I encourage you to get in touch with them today.



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