AARP and Florida Caregivers – David Bruns

In an AARP survey, family caregivers in Jacksonville said that they are struggling financially, emotionally and physically to care for an aging parent or older loved one.

Does that surprise you?

I didn’t think so. You already know this too well.

The good news is that AARP is helping to change this. They have the ability and resources to get our State and national officials to listen – and to care about caregivers. They are very effective at what they do for us.

AARP just completed a new report on the issues and needs of caregivers in Jacksonville and Florida. My guest on Saturday will tell us what AARP learned, and what they are doing to help.

David Bruns is Communications Manager with AARP in Florida. David and his team provide communication and outreach support. They keep AARP members, elected leaders, business owners and government officials up to date on the important issues that we face.

Did you know that, in Florida, more than 55,000 frail or disabled older adults remain on waiting list for services?

David and his team do. They are working to do something about it.

Other startling facts they learned:
* 90% say it is important to have services to help seniors live independently
* 78% say there needs to be more training and resources for family caregivers
* 76% want respite care programs to help give family caregivers a break

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