A Caregiver Valentine Story For You

Caregiving is a reflection of your love.

All that you do for your loved one (often unappreciated), and all the mistakes you feel you made by trying to be a better caregiver. The times you resist the urge to fix your loved one’s problems.

That is your Valentine Story.

In this podcast of Toula’s Tips for Caregivers, my guest shares her Caregiver Valentine Story with you.

Terri Barton, CEO of Aging True, Inc, also cared for her husband, Bill, for five years, until his death in 2019. In the podcast, she shares her Valentine Story about those times and the lessons she learned.

Terri explains why she is so appreciative of being given that time as Bill’s caregiver. She also admits that she made mistakes. She learned that it was important for to make Bill feel as independent as he could be. She also recognized that it was important for her to take time for herself, through diet, exercise and time away.

In this Month of Love, highlighted by Valentine’s Day, Terri’s Caregiver Valentine Story will inspire you and encourage you.

Wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day and a Blessed month of love and good care for you and your loved one.

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