A riveting caregiving love story| 9/12/15

Would you like a good caregiver love story, with twists, climaxes and surprises, but with a touching, inspiring ending?

Of course, any good story also ends with, “to be continued.”

Get out your Kleenex (I know – there are boxes all around your home).

You MUST listen to my show on Saturday. My special guest is a caregiver who has come to embrace his role with love and devotion.

That is the first twist – my guest is a man. Usually, the caregiver role falls on a woman.

Fred is special in many ways. His story is unique in many ways. Like all of us, their life was full of pain and happiness, mistakes, forgiveness and new beginnings.

Today, Fred – a “young” man in his 70s – is taking care of Sandy, his wife of many years. Sandy is in the moderate stages of Alzheimer’s. You will be moved by his story about why he is committed to caring for Sandy. I was (more Kleenex, please).

You don’t need to know their last name. They would prefer that you don’t. Fred and Sandy are just like you and your loved one.

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