Life’s most dangerous game? | 8/22/15

Are we changing against our will as we get older? Do things get worse for us as we age?

Is getting old really “Life’s Most Dangerous Game”?

What do I think? When I look at photos of my past, and my parents’ past, I think that what I was told is true.

But not everyone believes this. My exceptional guests on Saturday do not.

These myths are FALSE, says Dr. Bill Thomas – an internationally acclaimed longevity expert, author, musician, teacher, and physician. Among his many credits, he created The Green House® model of care for people with memory disorders that is used by our friends at Brooks Bartram Lakes. He also shares his thoughts on his blog site, “”

Dr. Thomas is currently traveling across the country on “The Age of Disruption 2015 Tour.” He shows audiences how to turn the tables on “Life’s Most Dangerous Game” and how to approach aging with the skill and enthusiasm it requires. He is coming to Jacksonville on Monday, November 2nd, to tell us more. Tickets can purchased online

Also with us will be Elaine Martini and Danielle McGrath of Brooks Rehab – Bartram Lakes Assisted Living. They will talk about the care and support that Brooks Bartram Lakes offers to our Elders, especially in their Green House unit.

You will also be one of the first to learn about their new Caregiver College, a free program sponsored by Bartram Lakes and the Alzheimer’s Association. The College will offer three classes at their Assisted Living facilities, talking about HEALTHY HABITS, THE 10 WARNING SIGNS of ALZHEIMERS, and THE BASICS OF MEMORY LOSS, ALZHEIMERS AND DEMENTIA.

We have a lot of great information for you on Saturday. You won’t want to miss our show. You will want to call in to talk to Elaine, Danielle and Dr. Thomas.

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