7-9-16 | At The End Of The Journey There Is (???)

Are you prepared?

So often I ask if you are prepared for the many challenges that we have on our caregiver journey.

Now I want to know – are you prepared for the end of the journey, and your new life afterward?

I am talking about YOUR life after your loved one passes on.

We certainly do not want to face it. But, we do need to prepare for it.

My special guest on Saturday is well aware of how difficult – and important – this topic is.

Chris MacLellan, “the Bow Tie Guy,” is a caregiver advocate and radio talk show host living in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. He has published several books on caregiving. In January 2014, Chris lost his partner, (Bernard) Richard Schiffer, to cancer.

Click on image to get book: What's the deal with caregiving
Chris will talk about caring at end of life, the transition, and what it takes to fill your life up again once you have lost your loved one. He will explain the four emotions after Caregiving ends…Relief, Sadness, Guilt and Acceptance

Chris knows that there is no magic formula. But, having a plan in place will help relieve some of the burden and trauma this day might create.

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