Recipes…for caregiving | 6/27/15

Did your parents share any of their recipes?

Their recipes for caregiving, I mean.

You may be taking care of a parent or grandparent. Just like your parents did. And their parents. Maybe they were part-time, or long distance caregivers. It is still caregiving. You know how that works.

What did you learn from them? Did they have any advice for you?

A little bit of this. A little bit of that. Turn up the heat. Add some time in the pressure cooker. In the end, we all appreciate the experience.

That is called “Generational Cooking.”

My guest Linda Phyllis Ratzthompson, has written her own “cookbook” about her life and becoming a caregiver. It is called GENERATIONAL COOKING.

She also has a web site dedicated to the book and her experience

Linda is the latest in a long line of family caregivers. She learned the true meaning of caregiving through the examples of her parents and their parents. She cared for her grandparents, her mother-in-law and now her parents.

She and her husband read many books and articles about caregiving. But, as the saying goes, “experience is the best teacher.” Now she wants to help others by sharing her lessons. That is why she wrote the book. Enjoy the show!

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