2/20/16 | Paperwork May Change Your Life

Do you like paperwork?

You know what I mean. Filling out application forms, collecting bank statements, making copies of documents. FINDING all those old records.

I don’t like it. Not at all.

But sometimes the paperwork can make the difference between getting help or getting no help at all.

When it comes to Medicaid assistance – something that all caregivers may need someday – the application process can be overwhelming (read, “frightening!”).

When I recently needed to apply for Medicaid for my mother, I needed help. I really needed help.

My guest on for this episode was a true “godsend.” Our first step was to gather together a long list of documents. I called Colleen Dedenbach, a dear friend and owner of Medicaid Assist Services of NE FL. Within a few hours, Colleen worked with my Dad to collect EVERYTHING we needed. I was expecting this to take weeks.

On this episode, Colleen will talk with us about the whole Medicaid application process. She will actually make you and me more comfortable, less afraid.

Colleen was a great help to me. She will be a great help to you.

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