1/23/16 | It’s a Family Affair (With Help)

Do you have a back-up plan?

You are a wonderful caregiver. You have handled your role quite well.

But – what happens when you need a break? Who can you call on to help?

Does your family pitch in? We always hope that our family will be there. If you find that they aren’t we will offer some great suggestions to engage them

And what happens when the situation calls for more resources and care than normal?

What is your back-up plan?

My two guests on Saturday’s Toulas Tips for Caregivers” have a suggestion.

Troy Doughan, In-Home Program Director with Apex Home Health Care, Inc., of Jacksonville, will be the guest host for my program (while I am away fulfilling a Christmas present with my husband).

With him will be Mary Jane Cronin, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with Suncoast Hospice of Pinellas County, FL.

You will enjoy listening to and talking with Troy and Mary Jane. More importantly, you will learn much more that will help you.

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