Practical Self Care with Patti Shea of AARP

Patti Shea with AARP (and caregiver for her father) gives practical tips on how to really make time to care for yourself!

Are you ready to go to the gym with me, Toula?
What are we cooking tonight?

I know. Silly questions. Who has time for exercise, and creating healthy meals, and just taking care of ourselves?

What are they thinking? We have loved ones to take care of. They are our first priorities.

My guest on Saturday, Patti Shea with AARP, understands completely.
She also is a caregiver, as well as a full-time Social Communications and Strategy Manager with AARP. That is a busy, and important, job, too.

But Patti has found some simple, practical tips for taking care of herself. She wants to share them with you. These are sensible, useful steps and decisions to manage time and take care of ourselves as working caregivers.

Do you know health risks that you face as a caregiver, Toula?

Patti does.

It’s important to me that you stay around for a long time. It is important to your loved one and your family that you are around for a long time.

Learn more about the simple things that you can do.

Click play below to listen!

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