How is Caregiving Like a Roller Coaster? | 9/10/16

Do you like to ride roller coasters?

My husband likes them. He likes all the rides that spin and turn and go upside down.

I think he is nuts.

Besides, I am riding my own “roller coaster” – the caregiving roller coaster.

You know what I mean. Caregiving has its own emotional ups and downs, and its own spins and turns – often sudden, like a roller coaster.

My husband says that, to enjoy the roller coaster, you need be prepared for when the coaster turns and spins. That’s how it becomes fun.

He’s right. We also must know how to be prepared for riding our caregiving roller coaster. That is how we can feel our reward.

On this episode of Toulas Tips my two special guests will guide you on how to prepare for riding the caregiving roller coaster.

Danielle McGrath will be my guest host for this show. Danielle is a frequent guest on Toula’s Tips. She is the Director of Marketing for Aging Services for Brooks Rehabilitation. Danielle will be joined by Dr. Alaina Breitberg, a neuro-psychologist with Brooks Rehabilitation.

Alaina and Danielle will talk about managing the difficult emotions and choices we face as caregivers. They will define “Compassion Fatigue”, explain the warning signs and give tips for overcoming the feelings of sadness and anger that accompany caregiving.

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